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Due to Customs and Currency Rates we cannot sell online. Please call if you are from Ontario to the East Coast Canadian Farm Supply at 800-265-4638. All other Provinces West call Cavalier Industries at 888-483-4843. Thank you.
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Eco-Friendly Products
Thermobile Used Oil Heaters are a great heating alternative to help with environmental protection and energy conservation. Thermobile used-oil heaters turn a waste product into a valuable heating fuel, thus conserving natural energy supplies.
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  Bio Energy Heater.

Thermobile Heaters North America - Energy Efficient, Powerful & Environment Friendly Used Oil Heaters | About us


Thermobile Industries BV, Netherlands (www.thermobile.nl), manufacturers of the Thermobile Direct & Indirect, Propane, Natural Gas and Electric Heaters has appointed Rajysan Inc. U.S.A., dba MMD Equipment as its new and exclusive North American distributor.

Effective, May 17, 2010, all sales, support, warranty & service will be seamlessly handled by MMD Equipment, California & New Jersey.

Mr. Maurice de Vlieger, Sales & Marketing Director of Thermobile Industries BV, Netherlands , in signing an expanded, multi-year contract, said, “I’m very pleased to find a stable & strong partner in Rajysan Inc. We can now be proud and assured that the Thermobile brand of products will be well represented as MMD Equipment is a leading North American sales, marketing and distribution company servicing the construction equipment industry”.

Mr. Paul Daly, President of MMD Equipment noted, “Thermobile produces a high quality product and is a world reknowned brand and as such serves to meet our company objectives. MMD is fast becoming a value added producer & distributor of highly regarded and anticipated products.”

MMD Equipment (www.mmdequipment.com) is the exclusive North American distributor for the Airman line of Air Compressors & Generators, sold through its established network of Sales Representatives . MMD is supported by four warehouses across North America, including its offices in California & New Jersey. Other product lines, including Lynx Light Towers, Lynx Mixers and Lynx Forklifts will be added in the near future as manufacturing capabilities & distribution rights are sought & expanded.

For Thermobile Industries BV.

For Rajysan Inc.

For MMD Equipment

Mr. Maurice de Vlieger

Mr. Pete Sahani.

Mr. Paul R. Daly.

Director Sales & Marketing

Executive Vice President


The Netherlands.

Simi Valley, CA., U.S.A.

New Jersey, U.S.A.

Corporate Office: 4175 Guardian Street, Simi Valley, California 93063 U.S.A.

Thermobile Indirect Fired Portable Heating Systems Eco Friendly Heaters

With over 40 years of field experience in over 81 countries, Thermobile has the most cost efficient Portable Heating System on the market today. Thermobile uses Indirect Fired technology where the heater has a Heat Exchanger & Combustion Chamber and the exhaust is vented out of the work area. This provides the user with clean dry heat and a healthy work environment.

Thermobile has engineered its equipment to maximize CFM output with high static pressure allowing for some of the longest duct runs in the industry. The heaters can also operate off a thermostat up to 200 feet away. The IMAC and IMA series come with Recirculation Flanges allowing for return air to be pulled back into the heater, re heated and sent back into the work area.

Use Less Fuel to Save More Money

Thermobile Indirect Fired Portable Heating Systems save you money with proper installation by offering the following:

  • Thermobile Indirect Fired Heaters are CSA certified and have the highest heat efficiency rating on the market today.
  • Thermobile Indirect Fired Heaters can operate off a Remote Thermostat to properly manage the heated environment and use less fuel.
  • The IMAC & IMA can pull pre heated air through their recirculation flanges so the heater reaches temperature quicker using less fuel.

It�s obvious that the best way to save more money on heating is to use less fuel. Thermobile Indirect Fired Portable Heating Systems when properly installed are the most cost effective way to maximize your heat requirements and use less fuel.

IMAC Heaters
  Indirect Fired Containerized Heater.
 Elegant, but rental tough.
 Compact design and high output.
 631,000 btu.
 91% efficient.
IMA Heaters
  Indirect Fired Mobile Heater.
 High temp return air.
 Great handling and lifting.
 210,000 – 630,000 btu.
 91% efficient.
ITA Heaters
  Indirect Fired Mobile Heater.
   Dependable, powerful, and rugged.
 Easy mobility with large fuel tank.
 154,000 – 240,000 btu.
 91% efficient.
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